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You wish to work in health professions,  well-being as well as natural health? More than just a job, you are looking for your true calling? You wish to pursue a course in order to obtain a job and have the ability to live off of self-employment? There is indeed a strong demand in the industry, and it is unfortunately not uncommon for some to see their license terminated, consequently leading to low self-esteem and low self-confidence for those individuals who desperately need a support system in order to regain their self sense of worth and in order to find a job back. This is also true for individuals who haven’t experienced losing their job and yet find themselves with the same workload to provide but in smaller numbers than those who indeed had been dismissed. This makes a wide range of individuals suffering from burn-outs that I regularly receive and that are in deep need of support. Psychotherapists and therapists can use a variety of techniques such as NLP, IMO, personality profiles, Ericksonian and traditional hypnosis, as well as emotional intelligence in order to help those individuals. There are also many requests for marriage therapy.

DURING YOUR TRAINING YOU MAY, IF YOU WISH TO, TAKE PART IN MY CONSULTATIONS AS AN OBSERVER: IT WILL ALLOW YOU TO EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND THE TOOLS AND THEORIES THAT YOU WILL HAVE LEARNED AND SEE THEM APPLIED TO REAL-LIFE CASES. All courses on the Coachplanet institute are subjected to a CONTINUOUS MONITORING and are designed to reduce stress during the final examination since too many of us have deeply suffered from examination-related anxiety.

Since too many of us have deeply suffered throughout their lives from examinations and tests-related anxiety, all courses on the Coachplanet institute are subjected to a CONTINUOUS MONITORING, where exams and tests become an exercise designed to steadily make you progress, with grades and diplomas given at the end of each session and excercise, which you may of course re-do or ask questions when something is not fully understood. .  Toutes les formations de l’institut Coachplanet sont en CONTROLE CONTINU, ce qui réduit le stress de l’examen, car nous avons été nombreux à souffrir de l’angoisse de l’examen, donc l’examen est plus une exercice pour vous permettre de vous améliorer, les notes pour le diplome sont données chaque jour pour chaque exercice, qui si vous ne l’avez pas compris, vous pouvez le refaire, poser des questions. YOU MAY REPEAT YOUR FOMATION(S) ONCE, EX GRACIA, BY PARTICIPATING IN YOUR FORMATION(S) THROUGH DIFFERENT FORMS. 

Coachplanet offers intensive courses in groups as well as individual courses. 

The training institute Coachplanet offers both individual and group training; Visually or through Skype:

  • Training in the profession of Psychotherapist otherwise known as therapist in brief therapy: See Course
  • Training in the profession of Cognitivist and Behavioral Therapist: See Course
  • Training in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming: See Course
  • Training in NLP and hypnosis: See Course
  • Life Coach training: See Course
  • Training as a hypnotherapist: See Course
  • Emotional Intelligence Training: See Course
  • Training in Personalities Profiles: See Course
  • Training in the profession of Domestic Therapist: See Course
  • Training for the profession of Family Therapist: See Course
  • Training in the profession of prevention of Psychosocial Risks: See Course
  • Training in the profession of Life Coach & Psychotherapist: See Course

Given the large number of requests for courses by mail and phone, and given that I unfortunately cannot answer to everyone, please kindly read the website thoroughly before contacting us.  All diplomas issued by Coachplanet institute allow you to exercise freely and legally. The final choice of profession, which is needed to officially declare you, will be studied during the continuous control of the courses, directly in person at the institute or via Skype. It is also possible to add an hour and a half of counselling in order to help you determine which professional status fits best for you, or if ever in need of assistance for administrative procedures (which can also be done online if you choose to register for correspondence training). 

The courses I deliver are of direct result of the teachings and knowledge I have acquired over the years: Mr Halimi, Dr in sociology as well as Mr Savolle, former screenwriter (see CV). I was personally trained by Richard Bandler, creator of NLP.  The major tools of coaching and of brief and systemic therapy such as NLP and hypnosis all come from the Palo Alto School. Richard Bandler, who is 67 today in 2017, is american whose courses are solely in English. He is also the person who has shaped the work of Milton Erickson – founder of Ericksonian hypnosis – which is the hypnosis method used in therapy to date.  If it is possible to learn hypnosis used in therapy otherwise known as “Ericksonian Hypnosis” or “Humanist hypnosis” (I beg you all not to get it confused with performance based hypnosis, which serves no other purpose but to entertain and is not at all comparable or has the same goals as Ericksonian Hypnosis), it is because Richard Bandler filmed, re-watched in slow-motion and studied Milton Erickson for a considerable amount of time in order to gain a perfect understanding of his techniques. Indeed, Milton Erickson, like so many other geniuses before him was extremely talented and intervened in his spectrum of action: he would relieve and heal but did not write a protocol. Furthermore, he saved himself with hypnosis, as he suffered from polio and was doomed to die at not younger than 18 years old, according to medical experts; against all odds, he became his own therapist and lived a long life until 78 years old. He followed the same process to develop family therapy. Bandler – who admits being addicted to writing books! –   retrieved and collected the numerous notes of Virginia Satir, classified them and organized them in order to turn it into books. Virginia Satir is the creator of is the creator of family and marital therapy, much as Françoise Dolto is the founder of the therapy of the child.

You may find a summary of my background and skills here : CV Myriam Roure.

More than just a training center, Coachplanet is a school of learning your future profession of therapist or coach.

Knowing how to care for a patient or coach a patient

Not only does the student learn therapeutic techniques, or know-how, he also learns the know-how-to-be which is self confidence and all the qualities needed to be able to fit and feel well in this particular field of work on the long-term.

Coaching after training

Once trained, the students may be, if need be, supervised in order to refine their practice and not ending up thrown out alone in the wild. The price of supervised sessions is the same as the consultations price, meaning 80 euros per hour. A personalized follow-up is then put into place once the student begins applying what was learnt, so as to avoid classical mistakes or to improve the skills acquired altogether.
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The pace of training

The available courses also allow you to train and learn at your own pace: for instance, with 2:30 hour per week for a duration of 8 weeks, by following an intensive rhythm for a duration of 8 days with 5 hours per day, or whichever other rhythm that suits you best, depending on your budget as well as the time you have. The one-on-one approach allows one not to waste time unnecessarily training in the case where knowledge has been previously acquired by the student, or in the case the student possesses innate qualities – whether it be for know-how or know-how-to-be – and to focus on skills or knowledge not yet acquired instead.

To learn more, click on the course you are most interested in:

Personalized preparation for certification with a powerful network of professionals

These individual courses allow for the student to be subjected to a continuous monitoring: I will immediately see if there is a technique or theory that was not fully understood or assimilated and it will instantly be revised as to make sure that the final exam will be as serene as possible, since we are all too familiar with stress caused by exams and I am a firm believer that it is absolutely not necessary to go through negative stress in order to obtain what we aim for in life… All you need is to sow good seeds in order to get a good harvest: we harvest what we spread and love.
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Regarding the seclusion that comes with being independent, it is real and normal at the beginning and will subdue itself with time as you progressively constitute your network. Naturally, I also went through it and it is why I have learned to surround myself well as well as the reason why I teach my students to do the same for themselves from the very beginning. By doing this, I hope to spare you some of the torments I had to go through by teaching you how to create your own network during your training. As you register you will join a network of professionals including the one of CoachPlanet, a network made up of trained alumni who have been practicing for years as well as a network of all of the students you will have met during your course. You will then be able to exchange together, see each other in real life, via Skype, or on the phone with other personas than myself during and after the course. This networking is, for those who wish, great to cultivate a work of emulation which some will find to be stimulating during their training as well as their practice and will even allow them to, once formed, exchange and discuss feedback or experiences with their patients.
The contact with the CoachPlanet network will happen during your registration by sending me a picture of yourself you like as well as your full details (last name, first name, geographic address, Skype ID, e-mail and telephone number).
In this network, you will also find :
==> a general practitioner, a sport doctor and an osteopath for back pathologies that you will frequently meet during your practice and who can, if deemed necessary, treat your patients in need of medical care as well as supervise those who need medication and are undergoing treatment without being really well followed or who refuse to see a psychiatrist,
==> a psychiatrist for self medicating patients, or patients who used to self-medicate and who need a prescription,
==> a consultant who manages a business investment firm,
==> an account when deemed necessary,
Those people were all selected by my care after multiple appointments with professionals in their field of work.
==> At last, and be sure I will help you, during the courses, you will surround yourself with professionals who will be prescribers of patients and for whom you will be too.

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