This e-learning course – which includes video courses, course materials and certification – allows you to train at the speed of your choice and watch videos at your own pace. More interactive than a correspondence course, you benefit from the same courses and exercises (about 350 pages per subject) + videos where you see the two coach and therapists: Patrick Aich and Myriam Roure, practicing coaching and therapy for about 20 hours per class. This training is for people who live with their time as it is important to note that nowadays, most of the information we absorb come from images.

To register and for any inquiries, an appointment at the center or via Skype is necessary. Each appointment must be planned in advance by phone. An appointment costs € 100 and lasts 1 hour. It is priced at the same value of one hour of training. This amount will be deducted from the full course price upon registration. This contact allows me to answer all of your questions and establish a training schedule, depending on both of our availability. No questions without a fixed appointment will be answered. Involvement and strong motivation are required. Lastly, the courses are not financed by the DIF.

The certification for the exam can simply be done by making an appointment with either Patrick: 06 64 75 44, Myriam: 06 10 92 48 26 or Alexis: 06 64 69 64 87. Certification can be done directly at the training center near Paris or via Skype, lasting 2 hours.

E-learning Video Modules Courses Price

Ericksonian hypnosis course

Hypnosis is the major gateway of the unconscious and the ultimate tool of brief therapy. It will allow you to accompany your patients to lift their unconscious blocks.
Price: € 3,000, possibility to book your course, which will be right on time for Christmas presents
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Excerpts from the video training in hypnosis: Coming soon

Neuro Linguistic Programming Course

Neuro linguistic programming is the ultimate tool of coaching. Through NLP, the coach accompanies trainees to achieve their goals.
Price: € 3,000, possibility to book your course, which will be right on time for Christmas presents
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Extracts from NLP video training: Coming soon

Making a Living as a Coach/Therapist

We do this job out of personal conviction, it is important to us that the people we train are able to live off of their profession. This training makes it possible for you to: master the administrative, insurance and laws-related measures needed in order to settle down; understand how to declare your activity and how to choose a mutual; choose a status; learn how to make yourself known or otherwise acquire the knowledge to promote your activity with the best promotional tools available; learn how to deal with practical issues such as managing missed appointments or other points mentioned during the course.

Price: 1000 €, coming soon




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Important information before sending us a message

To register and for any inquiries, it is necessary to make an appointment via Skype, by calling, by directly coming into the center or through the below form. The appointments must be planned in advance and cost 100€, which is deductible from the price of the training at registration, and lasts 1 hour (which is equal to the price of one hour of training). It allows me to answer all of your question and to establish a training schedule, depending on both of our availability. Having too many training requests, no question sent through mail without a pre-established appointment will be answered. Thank you for closely reading the website before contacting me by telephone or email and planning an appointment. To the question: “can I practice with the diplomas issued by the institute”, the answer is “yes”.  I personally consult as a hypnotherapist, therapist in cognitive and behavioral therapy as well as in conjugal therapy, and made the choice to give up my psychological studies in university as I found that it did not meet my expectations: Indeed, I needed a lot more practice and go to the essence of the subject. I wanted to be able to accompany my patients in a holistic way (as opposed to the fragmented, strict way the medical profession tends to generally do), and more importantly, I wanted to create a safe space for pleasant and friendly learning.