As of today, two techniques that most particularly stand out in individual therapy are EMI and hypnosis. Those are the two techniques that we integrate in this course. These techniques are used to cure post-traumatic stress states as well as recurring, negative memories. Since they have certain similarities, in particular because they both involve eye movements, it is not unusual for EMI and hypnosis to be confused. The EMI Training Program includes demonstrations which in turns allow you to practice with exercises.

All Coachplanet Institute courses follow a CONTINUOUS CONTROL, which reduces the stress of exams. Since far too many of us have suffered from anxiety related to exams,  this final exam exercise is simply transformed in another way to improve yourself, the grades for the diploma being given every day with each exercise, which – when not understood – can be done again, and allow you to ask questions. All COURSES can be redone 1 TIME FREE OF CHARGE.

To register, click here or, after having thoroughly read the website, call me with the following number: 06 10 92 48 26 and it will be my pleasure to answer you. 

1st day of training at EMI and introduction to hypnosis

Learning how the unconscious works, the theoretical foundations of hypnosis. Video of what happens to our brain when undergoing hypnosis, video of a neurologist who has suffered a stroke and explains very well the functioning of the right hemisphere, which is that of the unconscious. Objective training to learn how to do EMI and hypnosis sessions. Learning to do an interview with a psycho-traumatized person.

2nd day of training at EMI and introduction to hypnosis

Learning goal determination with NLP and conversational hypnosis. Concepts on psycho-traumatism, as well as traumatic dissociation. Learning to return to safety by installing in visualization a safe place for the patient and teaching the patient a secure framework oriented to his or her resources, with security anchors in hypnosis and self hypnosis. Learning re-association.

3rd day of training at EMI and introduction to hypnosis

Hypnosis and EMI sessions on the topics of accepting trauma, change, mourning to move on, feeling stronger, and making trauma an asset.

4th day of training at EMI and introduction to hypnosis

EMI and HYPNOSIS session of reorganizing one’s personality, establishment of a long-term therapeutic strategy, on relational security, in life, in others as well as in oneself and re-parenting.

Rhythm of EMI and hypnosis courses

4 hours per day: 2H30 in the morning, 2H30 in the afternoon for a duration of 4 days with a lunch break.  Timetables are at your convenience, Saturdays and Sundays can be included.

EMI and hypnosis course price

€ 2000