1 week of training contains 30 hours for 5 days, making it 6 hours per day. Price: 1000 euros. Program:

Introduction to marital therapy:

The role of the therapist is to, above all, give a better understanding to both men and women of the different interpretations of their own concept of the couple: being in love, building the couple, passion, sexuality as well as family loyalties.

  • The word to be spread during a marital therapy session
  • Gender inequalities in psychological problems
  • Falling in love is a revolution
  • Building a couple is an evolution
  • And what about passion?
  • Addressing the complexity of the couple during marital therapy
  • Love choices, sexuality, projections, identification and reciprocal models
  • How family loyalties are reproduced within the couple

The great and famous couples of history

We may draw inspiration from great famous couples who have made history in the most positive ways, with the great builders who used their ability to keep their couple alive despite hardships… As well as from more infamous dramatic couples in order to avoid negative repetitive scenarios.

  • The gangster couple: Bonnie et Clyde
  • Cleopatra Queen of Egypt and the Roman General
  • Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel
  • Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal : he dedicates to her the iconic Taj Mahal
  • Queen Victoria and the Prince Albert, a Queen in love
  • Goerge Sand and Alfred Musset
  • Edith Piaf and the love of her life, Marcel Cerdant

Received ideas and opinions on “couples”

The word “couple” is not necessarily synonymous with “lack of freedom”, “routine”, “arguments” or even “non-fulfilling sexual life. It is indeed possible to be in a couple and not experience financial problems, adultery, infidelity, possessiveness or even jealousy. There are many solutions to revive love and passion and ultimately, avoid the separation of the couple.

  • Being in a couple means the end of freedom
  • Being in a couple is a one-way path to routine
  • Being in a couple is always an idyllic experience
  • Being in a couple opens the door to arguments
  • One of the keys of the couple lies in sexuality
  • Couples with financial problems will end up separating
  • A couple must share everything
  • A couple that stops making love smells like adultery
  • Passionate couples will eventually exhaust itself
  • A couple that does not love each other is over
  • In time, all couples progressively give place to habits and routine in place of love
  • The birth of a child may kill the couple
  • Members of a couple must have no secrets for one another
  • A need-free couple is more likely to last
  • A couple going through therapy is already doomed
  • Possessiveness is useless
  • Jealousy is useless
  • Can love even exist without jealousy?
  • A couple in therapy forshadows separation