The CoachPlanet training institute offers group training at Levallois Perret, which is located next to the Palais des Congrès, near the Champs Elysee in Paris.

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on all group training.

All Coachplanet Institute courses follow a CONTINUOUS CONTROL, which reduces the stress of exams. Since far too many of us have suffered from anxiety related to exams,  this final exam exercise is simply transformed in another way to improve yourself, the grades for the diploma being given every day with each exercise, which – when not understood – can be done again, and allow you to ask questions. All COURSES can be redone 2 TIMES FREE OF CHARGE. 

  • Psycho-therapist: therapist in brief therapy: See Course
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapist: See Course
  • NLP: technician, practitioner and master practitioner in NLP: See Course
  • Life Coach and Personal Development: See Course
  • Hypnotherapist (Ericksonian and traditional hypnosis): technician, practitioner and master practitioner: See Course
  • The use of emotional intelligence in coaching, brief therapy, family and marriage: See Course
  • The use of Personality Profiles to coach and accompany individuals and families (conjugal therapy): See Course
  • Marital Therapist: See Course
  • Family Therapist: See Course
  • Trauma management with EMDR and introduction to hypnosis: See Course

Summer Program:

Hypnotherapist course: from Monday 02 of July to Friday 27 of 2018.

NLP course: from Monday 06 August to Friday 31 August 2018.

Personality Profiles course: from Monday 03 September to Friday 07 September 2018

Therapist in cognitive and behavioral therapy course: from Monday 24 September to Friday 02 November 2018

Why choose group training?

Following the success of my first 6 years teaching private lessons and responding to the growing demand, I now offer group training with my three partners: Mr Alexis Savolle, former screenwriter, Mr Rachid Halimi, Dr in sociology and trainer in management and psycho-social risks, and Mr Stéphane Groseil, specialized in training in NLP, CBT, Hypnosis and group management. What makes a group is a strong team spirit, cooperation and most importantly, the motivation to succeed together. It is the perfect training for anyone who enjoys sharing their time with others. My goal is to train autonomous psychotherapists, who will, thanks to their competences and skills, will have no trouble making a living out of their profession and thus participate directly and indirectly to work towards the development of therapy.

These courses are suitable for all audiences. They are made to be accessible, educational, practical, and have many live examples. It is advisable to read the course material before the start of our group training session. You will receive the course material and a bibliography at the beginning of our session, upon registration. The price of registration is 40% of the price of the training. See Prices
Please contact me for any questions related to payment options. Note that payment in installments is possible, depending on your financial possibilities. Learn More

Capital gains of group formations

These group courses stand out from individual training because they have the advantage of sharing experiences, personalities, as well as the many perspectives of plural professions directly related to therapy.

  • Knowing how to deal with patients
  • Training follow up
  • Training pace
  • Customized preparation for certification
  • How to start working after the training
  • Finding clients and knowing how to promote yourself
  • Find yourself in the administrative maze

Knowing how to deal with patients

The trainee will not only learn therapy techniques, but will also learn the know-how, self confidence and all other qualities required to develop and maintain a healthy business.

Training follow up

Once the training course completed, the trainee may choose to have a supervised follow-up in order to refine their practice. The price of supervision sessions is the same price as consultations and cost 60 euros each. A personalized follow-up is then put in place when the trainee first starts working, in order to avoid classic mistakes.

Training pace

4 weeks (120 hours) for the hypnotherapist master practitioner course (price: 4000 €)
4 weeks (120 hours) for the Master Practitioner in Neurotic Linguistic Programming course (price 3500 €)
5 weeks (150 hours) for the psychotherapist course (price: 4500 €)
6 weeks (180 hours) for the therapist in cognitive and behavioral therapy course (price: 5000 €)

Customized preparation for certification

These group training allow to be in continuous control: I will see right away if a technique or a theoretical point is not assimilated and will accordingly guide you. We ensure your success during the final exam by reviewing what is not understood immediately.

How to start working after the training

Trainees will have the chance to practice with the creator and the teacher of this course, Myriam Roure, psycho-practitioner, coach and head of Coachplanet. Myriam was confronted from an early age to find the subtle limit between sympathy and empathy when accompanying a person in pain, and learned the importance of preserving oneself to a degree while helping others. Her personal experience, as well as her daily practice with her patients, gives her a concrete approach to teaching and transmitting therapy. Her professional experience has made her familiar with common doubts and apprehensions that come with a professional re-conversion and/or self promoting as a therapist, making her the perfect guide to reassure trainees and point them in the right direction with self-confidence.

The practical approach of the training makes it possible to be quickly operational by learning fast and well since the learning is personalized to each individual and thus very inter-active.

Finding clients and knowing how to promote yourself

Coachplanet is a NETWORK OF PEOPLE FORMED by the institute that allow trainees to exchange with each other.

Former graduates often volunteer to come and go over their own skills. This allows you, if you wish, to practice with them and discuss common issues. All you need is to be indicative about wanting to communicate.

Once the course is over…

It is possible to continue training on the long term by purchasing correspondence courses, which will complete the initial training, after completion of the diploma.

Individual training

Active participation is requested of the trainee, in practice and by actively completing required readings.

Training days: From Monday to Friday

Training schedule: from 10 AM to 13 PM and 13:30 PM to 16:30 PM (30 hours per week)