NLP Group Training: Intensive Course: August 2018

The start of a new academic year is on it’s way, you have validated your training course as a technician or practitioner and wish to start your NLP practice, or want to become a master practitioner in NLP? We invite you to enjoy the calm of Paris inherent in August to train you and enjoy walks in Paris at the end of the day, on foot, by bike, or by car as this is the best season to do so.

Beginning of classes: Monday, August 6, 2018                                       End of classes: Friday 31 August 2018

Course organization (5 days a week / 6 hours per day):

Monday to Friday: Arrival at 9:30                                   Departure at 16:30

Course from 9:30 to 12:30         Lunch break 12h30-13h30                Course: 13:30 to 16:30


Training cycle (technician, practitioner and master practitioner)

Technician: from Monday 06 August to Friday 11 August

Practitioner: from Monday 06 August to Friday 25 August

Master Practitioner: from Monday 06 August to Friday 31 August

Pricing (technician, practitioner and master practitioner)

Technician: 1000 euros

Practitioner: 3000 euros

Master practitioner: 4000 euros

Welcome to the Coachplanet Institute, a school for learning coaching as well as behavioral and cognitive therapies. It was founded by Roure Myriam who was coached by Richard Bandler, the in-person creator of NLP. The Neurolinguistic Programming course is a one-on-one course that seeks to keep the authentic soul of the institute and the values close to its creator: quality, authenticity, personal conviction, and an interactive course. It is important for me for trainees to be able to promote themselves and live off of their business as self-employed, or as an entrepreneur.

This certifying training course offers a master level practitioner in NLP. Active participation is required from the trainee.

All Coachplanet Institute courses follow a CONTINUOUS CONTROL, which reduces the stress of exams. Since far too many of us have suffered from anxiety related to exams,  this final exam exercise is simply transformed in another way to improve yourself, the grades for the diploma being given every day with each exercise, which – when not understood – can be done again, and allow you to ask questions. All COURSES can be redone 2 TIMES FREE OF CHARGE. 

It is best to, whenever possible, enrich an NLP course with another training course so as to  obtain a psychotherapist or coach diploma. The course then becomes longer but certainly stronger. Courses can also be done through the purchase of long distance courses.

Do you wish to become a trainee? Click here  or, after having thoroughly read the website, call me with the following number: 06 10 92 48 26 and it will be my pleasure to answer you. 

The positives of this NLP master practitioner level course

NLP is the modeling of human excellence. Focusing primarily on the question:”how does it works” rather than “why doesn’t it work”, NLP has developed simple and concrete models to decode the skills of qualified professionals such as pedagogues , psychotherapists, coaches, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes… and has made them accessible to therapists and coaches alike.

NLP has developed a communication model known as a “meta-program” which provides therapists and coaches with a guide, effectively helping them change the outdated coping-mechanisms of their patients (such as negative thoughts pattern for example),  and help them make lasting changes in behavior by mobilizing patients personal resources instead.

The term Neurotic Linguistic Programming is based on three components that make human beings: language, neurology and programming – which you will learn more about during this course.


From early childhood on, your patients will have had a set of life experiences which have helped create and record complex programs shaping the way each individual thinks, analyses, feels and adapts to different environments and people. Since each patient is subjected to their own specific experiences, these programs, once learned and registered, quickly become automatism and habits. If some of those habits are positive and help our patients, others only pull them down, hence the importance of being able to identify and change negative habits, which is what NLP practice will allow you to to do.


Those habits and behavior patterns are all coded and recorded in our neurons. Indeed, it is because we possess a nervous system and a neurological system that we are able to perceive our environment, think, feel and and react to our surroundings. During this course, you will learn the techniques of change based on the creation or reorganization of these complex thought and behavioral programs, so that your patients may proactively learn to interact with their environment.

During this NLP course, you will learn that our programs are manifested through our verbal and nonverbal language. You will also learn to decode body language, as it reflects the way we think and organize ourselves just as much as our words do.

For any questions, you are welcome to contact me by calling the following number: +33 6 19 92 48 26