Psychotherapist and life coach in self-development training description

Traditional psychoanalysis is long, extremely expensive as well as past oriented with a  focus on the question:”why am I not feeling well”, and has fallen into disuse. There are however, faster solutions which prove not only be much effective, but also more enjoyable for the patient. How is it more effective? Because brief therapy – which is part of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy –  focuses on the question “how to get well here and now“. It provides concrete solutions, rather than searching the past for an indefinite amount of time  (5 years, 10 years,  15 years (!)…) in hopes to find the root of the problem. Brief therapy focuses on solving the problem and not on understanding it: It is not an intellectual introspection, but rather a concrete and active exploration of one’s resources to get better, ultimately helping patients get better and helping them get what they want.

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Brief Therapy psychotherapist individual training program

The individual psychotherapist training, otherwise known as brief therapy, comprises 2 training course modules to choose from, including:


Neurolinguistic programming is the tool of choice for coaching. NLP coaches accompany their patients to achieve their goals.
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Emotional Intelligence

This course allows the therapist or coach to accompany patients in order to make allies out of their emotions in every life situation.
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Personality Profiles

Allows for coaches to gain a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the patients, thus helping them achieve their goals.
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Ericksonian & Traditional Hypnosis

The best road to gain access to the depth of the unconscious and the optimal tool of brief therapy. It will allow you to accompany your patients and lift their unconscious blocks.
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Positive assets of this brief-therapy training

A psychotherapist training is far more complete than a single-module training (ie hypnosis, personality profiles, emotional intelligence, or NLP as single courses.), since it includes two training modules of your choice. Brief therapy is particularly effective because it concretely equips the patient to find a solution to their problems, for example by putting solutions into practice through the use of role plays, by helping the patient change their perspective around the problems, and by building self esteem and trust. Brief therapy is more clearly interventionist and activist and is much less passive than analysis approaches. Society has changed, everything has accelerated and people can no longer – and  no long accept – to spend very long years waiting to get better. Brief therapy, allows the patient to work on concrete objectives within each session, whether the focus needs be around their emotions, relationships, self-esteem, confidence, etc., and allows them to be prepared for current or upcoming life situation, smiling more and generally feeling lighter in their own skin. A quote that sums up brief therapy well is: “In psychotherapy it is the myth of knowing this why as precondition for change which defeats its own purpose.” ― Paul Watzlawick, Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution

Fields of application of brief therapy

The fields of application of the Palo Alto Brief Therapy are broad since they cover the human race which is made of unique, complex and sometimes paradoxical beings. The purpose of “brief therapy” is primarily to generate lasting changes in a situation that poses problems for the patient or those around them. The main reasons for consultation in brief therapy are:

Generally speaking:

  • Anxiety, phobia, panic…
  • Relational difficulties: shyness, aggression, lack of expression, excessive jealousy, confrontational relationships, …
  • Sadness, disappointment
  • Depression, emotional mourning …
  • Lack of self-confidence, lack of self-love…
  • Insomnia, sleeping disorders, …
  • Ill-being, isolation, loneliness…
  • Emotional dependence, alcohol,drugs, work or gambling addictions

More specifically:

  • Sexual disorders
  • Psychosomatic disorders of fertility

For teenagers:

  • anxiety, insomnia
  • Low self-esteem, devaluation
  • Fear of the future
  • School phobia
  • Academic difficulties, lack of concentration, lack of motivation
  • Conflict with parents, insolence, use of violence, drugs or tobacco…

For children

  • Bed wetting,
  • Nightmares
  • Behavioral disorders,
  • Aggressiveness,
  • Jealousy,
  • Hyperactivity,…

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The therapist in brief-therapy

Le formateur coachingDuring this brief therapy training, you will be accompanied and trained by myself, Myriam Roure, founder of CoachPlanet® training institute. For any questions at all please do not hesitate to call me, it will always be my pleasure to help you.
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Follow up once the brief therapy training is finished

At the end of this individual training in brief therapy, be reassured that you wont be left to fend for yourself once you begin practicing. If you wish me too, I can follow up on you. This follow-up is for professionals and is called supervision. It allows you to, with the help of your certified trainer, improve your practice, benefit from the knowledge and experience of your trainer and not feel alone when you start.

Supervisions can be programmed on demand through calling me, via Skype or directly at the center, you are welcome to call me whenever needed.

The price of individual training as a psycho practitioner or therapist in brief therapy (directly at the center or long-distance ) is of 5000 euros and lasts 50 hours, whatever the modules chosen (price inclusive of exam costs).

By correspondence:
==>The price of the correspondence course is 4000 euros (this price includes two courses to choose between: Hypnosis / PNL / Personality Profiles / Emotional Intelligence).
==>The certification exam for graduation costs 200 euros.

==> It is necessary to take 10 hours, in real life or through Skype, according to your level (neophyte, beginner, advanced wishing to obtain a level master practitioner), for the practice of practical exercises, the correction of the exercises included in the course, and to allow me to answer any of your questions in order make sure you are well prepared and will be successful for your exams. The price of the hours (in real life or through Skype) is 100 euros.

Will I receive a certification at the end of this training and will it allow me to practice?
Yes, long-distance training (by Skype) and courses taken directly at the center both follow a continuous examination, making the final certification exam during graduation easier. Correspondence training courses do not follow a continuous examination model, which is why a minimum of 7 hours of attendance on Skype is required in order to make sure to graduate without difficulty. This training was created for people who, just like me, did not initially choose to practice this profession and who wish to professionally retrain and live their lives with passion and conviction.  It isn’t uncommon for many of us to have followed our parents advice as to what to make of ourselves, or to have fallen into the wrong career of choice as a result of not knowing what to do for the rest of our lives at just 18. All of this ultimately ending with us not being happy in our professional lives, leaving us to practice a job we no longer want, either because we never really liked it or because our priorities and values have changed.

Will this training allow you to open your own practice?
Yes, this training allows you to open your own practice as an independent  or self-employed entrepreneur. Depending on your situation, I advise you to choose which status fits best to you during the training as one may fit you better than another.

How long does this training last? 
50 hours; You will have to choose two modules from this list:
==> Ericksonian hypnosis
==> Personality profiles
==> Emotional intelligence
==> NLP

Is there a follow up after the training?
Yes, otherwise known as supervision. It’s cost is as the price of a single consultation session of 70 euros. I do not leave you to fend for yourself, as following you up is important to me.

Will I get helped choosing my status during the training? 


Is it possible to train alongside other people? 
Yes, upon your registration, after you have deposited 40% of the total cost amount of the course of your choice, the course will be sent to you by email on the same day so that you may know it. All dates will be fixed on the calendar, for those of you who wish to train long-distance via Skype or directly at the training center (Porte Maillot exit in Paris), you will only need to send me your full details (including a photo) by email your full details and a photo to receive by mail the contact information of other trainees.

What is the frequency of training hours? 
The frequency of training hours is specific to you and your personal availability. Indeed, some people prefer an intensive training at a rate of 4 hours per day (more  than that is not recommended unless you live in a foreign country or far in France and have chosen to do a long-distance course), while others prefer to study for 2H30 a day (suitable for those living in Ile de France). This training was created for people who, just like me, did not initially choose to practice this profession and who wish to professionally retrain and live their lives with passion and conviction.

REMINDER Article 52: Use of the title of psychotherapist
The use of the title of psychotherapist is reserved for professionals registered in the national register of psychotherapists since a decree that passed in 2010. CoachPlanet Institute can no longer issue a psychotherapist diploma, the name of the title effectively needs to be changed, the diploma allowing to practice is now called psycho practitioner, or therapist in brief therapy and is the equivalent of the diploma issued before.