The conferences workshops allow a direct, live experience, thinking, feeling and sharing.

Session quit smoking

Unwinding of a conference workshop 18:30 to 20:00

19:30 pm: Welcoming participants
20:00 – 20:30: Workshop
20:30 – 21:00: Debriefing
21:45: Books and CDs autographs for those who wish

Location: 28 avenue de l’Europe – 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET – METRO Pont de Levallois-Becon, ligne 3: Gallieni – Pont de Levallois
Price: 40€/pers
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Frequency: every second Thursday from 18:30 to 20:00

Who are the workshops for?

Conference workshops of the Coach Planet Institute are open to all and aim to inform and answer all questions one can wonder about:

  • all courses to become a therapist or coach
  • the techniques and employed practices in brief therapy and in coaching, such as NLP, hypnosis, emotional intelligence, personality profiles, self-confidence, hypno-analisys etc.


Introduction and presentation

Depending on the daily workshop’s theme(s) and in addition of the different people present, each workshop knows a unique process, which is due to the inter-activity of the session. Myriam Roure, coach, psychotherapist and lecturer guides everyone present in addition to really bringing the theoretical aspect as well as the practical exercises, which give all educational values to the workshops conferences.

Theoretical interest

A presentation about theoretical principles introduced on the subject of conference workshops, exchanges and experiences you are about to live. Everyone brings in their own personal knowledge and real-life cases in order to enrich and enliven the theory.

Practical interest

A therapist accompanies you to make sure that the workshop conference’s active study consolidates with your objectives. More than just a field job, those workshops shares information on different, complementary and interested people.

Growth and content of the workshop conferences

⇒ theoretical contribution
⇒ exercises and applications

Which differences in comparison to the courses

Aside from the prices, the workshop conferences deepen and delve into the specific subjects for which you are interested in. In little time, you are able to encompass, discern and really understand – and therefor master – a given subject. You directly share different perspectives and experiences from a wide variety of different people who are just as interested as you are. Indeed, Myriam Roure gives you the tools you need and accompanies you for this targeted learning to bring you the expected results both personally and professionally, all during the conference itself.

What are the benefits of the workshop conferences compared to the courses

For professionals:

  • Expanding your existing assets cheaply and quickly on a given theme.
  • Reinforce your experience on the field through team dynamics.
  • A workshop conference is an excellent way to top-up your acquired knowledge.

For individuals:

  • Understanding a state, emotions or ills within a group of individuals and/or professionals.
  • Fast and cheap method of evolution.
  • Go beyond personal limits by sharing and learning.

The themes of the workshops conferences


⇒ the differences between therapy, brief therapy and coaching
⇒ discovering marital therapy
⇒ improve your self esteem
⇒ carrying out hypnosis in therapy
⇒ getting out of depression

Behavioral and cognitive therapies

⇒ Discovering brief therapies
⇒ Defeating insomnia and regaining a healthy sleep pattern
⇒ Discovering NLP
⇒ Emotional intelligence
⇒ Learning to deal with your emotions
⇒ defuse conflicts with Non Violent Communication
⇒ the use of personality tests in brief therapy and behavioral therapy
⇒ Improving your relationship


⇒ discovering what coaching is
⇒ daily assertion of one-self
⇒ developing self-trust
⇒ living well ones repurposing
⇒ discovering personality profiles
⇒ Conference with the book “Managez en couleurs” in focus
⇒ what does being coached to lose weight really entail?
⇒ preparing for retirement
⇒ living change well
⇒ hypnosis in coaching


⇒ discovering hypno-analysis
⇒ the usefulness of hypnosis to quit smoking
⇒ discovering hypnosis and the added value of hypnosis sessions on CDs
⇒ focus on the book about hypnosis “Lâcher prise pour évoluer”
⇒ hypnosis to reduce anxiety
⇒ hypnosis to help with weight loss through losing taste for sugar and fat
⇒ hypnosis, an efficient technique against stress
⇒ medical hypnosis
⇒ practicing self-hypnosis
⇒ hypnosis to treat phobias

The lecturer

Myriam Roure coach & psychotherapist, instructor and supervisor possesses an atypical and autodidact background full of personal and professional experiences that she really managed to organize.  Her very fast career development among an extremely reactive company in the fields of new technologies (SSII) helped her incorporate strategic matter lying at the heart of societies, the key role of emotions in our decision-making as well as negative and perverse effects of stress on employees competency. As a psychotherapist and personal coach, Myriam Roure guides her clients towards long-lasting well-being, in conflict and problems resolution and/or in the success of personal and professional goals. Her supervisory function allows for a personalized follow-up of people she has trained, in order to make sure that they successfully become financially independent and able to make a living out of their training. In addition to the consultations as well as the courses and supervisions, the Coach Planet Institute offers workshops conferences.

Courses offered by the Coach Planet Institute:

  • ⇒ coaching course
  • ⇒ hypnosis course
  • ⇒ NLP course
  • ⇒ brief therapy course
  • ⇒ behavioral and cognitive therapy course
  • ⇒ DIF course
  • ⇒ long-distance course
  • ⇒ family therapy course
  • ⇒ marital therapy course